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This is not your Grandmother's Elf Trivia. This is Elf Trivia to the EXTREME!! There are 100 Questions under the Link above!!

We've all seen the movie once or a million times (if you're like me). It's a holiday classic, and one that never gets old. Every time you watch it you'll find new things buried in the movie.
There's lots of different ways to have fun with this trivia....
One way is to just quiz yourself or a friend.
But the best way is to have an "ELF Watching Party"!
Here's how....
  1. Invite over a bunch of your friends.
  2. Give each player a few pages of paper and a pen.
  3. Divide up into two or more teams.
  4. While watching the movie each player pays close attention and writes down as many answers to what they guess will be the questions. Pay special attention to things like addresses and numbers as they are some of the harder questions.
  5. Then after the movie or during commercial breaks, as each trivia question (see link above) is read, the team captain will write down a team answer and then the true answer will be revealed and the captain keeps a tally of how many points their team scores.
  6. After all the questions are read, the team with the most points WINS!! (a cool prize would be nice).
(An easier version is the same as above, but print off the questions ahead of time for each player to individually answer as the movie runs, and tell them NO REWINDING).

Share this Site with your friends and please drop a comment below to let us know if you enjoyed playing!
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